I love the new experience that travel brings. I've been traveling since my first airplane ride when I was two weeks old. Since then, I've traveled all over world--Europe, Australia, South America and extended stays in Russia. In 2012, I met Jeremy and he introduced me to the world of Burning Man. It was several of our Burning Man friends who inspired me to explore options in full-time travel.

I'm a Russophile at heart. I love everything Russian. It's history, language, culture, food. I'm hoping that our trip extends to Eastern Europe, Russia and the 'Stans so I can use my Russian language skills again (and get re-acquainted with borsch). 

I have a passion for technology, specifically data and analytics and I manage my own Google Analytics consultancy, Naked Analytics. I believe my love of technology and travel often go in tandem, allowing me to participate in both freely.