Jeremy and Rachel--world travelers, explorers, Burners, foodies, technology professionals, artists, Pacific Northwesterners hailing from Mukilteo, WA. 

We love cooking, eating and trying new foods. You may notice that food may quickly become a strong theme in our blog as we travel. When we get to a new place, we are always looking for the best restaurant in town or the market with the freshest fruit.

We've been backpacking together in Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico, Alaska, Japan, Philippines, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam, Cambodia, Hong Kong and China. Our policy is to carry no more than 15 pounds of gear with us each--this keeps us flexible and safe. We rarely (if ever) get separated from our packs, limiting our exposure to risk. We are also able to trek just about anywhere with such light loads. During our first trip abroad, we were constantly surprised at the availability of any item would could possibly want. Don't carry it with you, just buy it there--there are humans with human needs in Honduras too.

We have saved diligently in preparation for long-term travel, but we intend to work remotely from wherever we are at any given moment. Being able to afford a trip like this was the most daunting part of our planning. We're hoping to share details on how others can make this happen for themselves--even on a shoestring budget. 

We've got good skills under belt. Jeremy can weld, Rachel can speak Russian and we both have a fairly good handle on technology and business. Once we venture out to the world unknown, we know that our best skill is keeping an open mind. Traveling has helped us to become aware of all of which we are unaware. We hope to share some of that with you. Stay tuned!